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September 21, 2012

Andrew & Brian are in From with e
And Joseph is between us. Anyway it’s about where you’re going to.

January 17, 2011

As I was passing by Zanzibar and as I had a message from Wayne Sleep I decided to spend time with Freddie in the only place where no one would think to look for him or would think they recognised him. Mercury’s has rather good lobster and we discussed the film to be made of his life (he approves of sasha baron cohen).We also talked about some of our favourite movies of last year like Lebanon, A Prophet. It was soon time for me to reboard my dhow and sail back to India via Jambiani but Freddie and I have arranged to catch up with Luis at another unexpected location very soon.
Josef Suicide

Lunch on Jupiter
November 16, 2010

Lunch today on Jupiter in a restaurant called PiL.  The fusion principle is that you choose each course in the form of a pill, of course, and plug in to wherever you want to be.  It is a shame that there is no option for Jupiter but then again the company was not up to scratch.

It was the son of Margaret Thatcher and Burlesqueoni called Carlton – a long way to go.  As my guest, Franz Kafka, whispered in my ear “I am glad I sat out the last 90 years, I should have left it a little longer…no offence”.

The movie was “I am Cuba”, a masterpiece that even the fascists hate.

Have to go now (back to Earth).

Josef Suicide


Very Famous Pop Star
October 28, 2010

I was in the Fantasy Restaurant in Off Ur Face town licking some potted shrimp with Mr Shack and a Very Famous Pop Star whose name I cannot disclose.
Mr Shack was eating with his mouth full, bad manners I noted: in fact his attitude towards us has changed since he won the Euro Millions last week.
The Pop Star I also noted had ordered the most expensive of everything: the most expensive starter (Space fish with caviar) the most expensive Lobster and the most expensive Champagne to wash it all down with.
Mr Shack and I winked at each other and we know the score in this kind of situation by now. We headed together to the washrooms and vacated the premises via the toilet window.
I hope that the Pop Star made his flight back and if he did he will be £700 lighter.
It’s a matter of principles.
I must go now as William is calling me from the USA.
Yours truly
Josef Suicide

October 20, 2010

I was in yet another nondescript restaurant in Rhodes when I was violently shaken from my sleep by Bunuel, who said. “Que Josef?  Did you just hear what the Burroughs just said?”.  The soup was degoutant but I fell asleep in it all the same,


Josef Suicide

Happy New Year
January 1, 2010

BrainShack would like to wish everyone a very prosperous new year and are looking forward to great things for 2010. The blue full moon on NYE hopefully augurs well and as they say “…once in a blue moon”.

two strange gentlemen
November 11, 2009

DSC00021The so-called Brainshack Boys were accosted by these two very strange gentlemen outside the Coach & Horses. They claimed to know us but everyone does that.

New Blog!
October 24, 2009

Trying out WordPress as our last blog provider is rubbish (mindsay).