Very Famous Pop Star

I was in the Fantasy Restaurant in Off Ur Face town licking some potted shrimp with Mr Shack and a Very Famous Pop Star whose name I cannot disclose.
Mr Shack was eating with his mouth full, bad manners I noted: in fact his attitude towards us has changed since he won the Euro Millions last week.
The Pop Star I also noted had ordered the most expensive of everything: the most expensive starter (Space fish with caviar) the most expensive Lobster and the most expensive Champagne to wash it all down with.
Mr Shack and I winked at each other and we know the score in this kind of situation by now. We headed together to the washrooms and vacated the premises via the toilet window.
I hope that the Pop Star made his flight back and if he did he will be £700 lighter.
It’s a matter of principles.
I must go now as William is calling me from the USA.
Yours truly
Josef Suicide

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